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Rossini Cucine kitchens collection

Kitchens Collection

The pursuit of harmony has always been the driving force that permeates the Marche region’s territory. Rossini Cucine is dedicated to weaving all its elements into harmonious compositions, proudly upholding the ‘Made in Italy’ standard. Our cabinetry is uniquely crafted using raw materials and semi-finished products sourced entirely from Italian origins.

At the core of our company’s philosophy lies an almost obsessive attention to detail, ensuring that all our products are eco-friendly. Our ongoing, meticulous research and development in new products and processes culminate in outstanding results within the furniture sector. Utilizing modern and superior materials can create contemporary kitchens with exceptional aesthetic appeal and functional prowess.

A wide range of lacquered colors and finishes (matte, gloss, and many special metallic finishes) allow the client to completely customize and match the desired style for the kitchen.

All kitchens can be provided with a FENIX countertop, the groundbreaking new product made in Italy with state-of-the-art thermoplastic resin that self-repairs from scratches or heat exposure.


The Ariminium kitchen, by Rossini Cucine, features a contemporary design with a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. The overall color scheme is a combination of dark tones and natural wood, creating a contrast that is both striking and warm.

The Ariminium kitchen cabinets are deep charcoal, giving the space a modern and elegant touch. The upper cabinets have glass fronts, illuminated from within, providing a display for glassware and adding a soft glow to the room. The lower cabinets are solid, providing a clean and uncluttered look.

A prominent feature is the island in the center of the Ariminium kitchen, with a marble countertop with bold veining, contributing to the luxurious feel of the space. The island includes a built-in sink and a high-end faucet. It also serves as a breakfast bar, with two modern bar stools with olive green upholstery, offering a subtle pop of color.

The back wall features full-height cabinetry in a dark wood finish, contrasting with the otherwise dark color palette. This cabinetry houses integrated appliances. The grain of the wood adds texture and organic appeal to the space.

The Ariminium kitchen design is a balance of modernity and comfort, with an emphasis on luxury materials and high-quality finishes.

As for any Rossini Cucine product, the Ariminium kitchen is customizable in hundreds of finishes, add-ons, and color combinations and also on the client’s designer palette.


This Fanum kitchen design exudes a minimalist and industrial vibe, characterized by clean lines and a monochromatic color palette, combined with natural wood elements that add warmth to the space.

In a matte dark gray or black finish, the cabinetry provides a sleek and seamless look. The base units are handleless, which contributes to the minimalist aesthetic, and the countertops are made of a similarly dark material, enhancing the uniformity of the design.

Above the countertop is a floating shelf structure serving storage and an extractor hood housing. This feature is finished in a combination of dark metal and wood, which ties in with the cabinetry and the wooden wall cladding. The wood has a rich, natural grain that contrasts with other industrial materials. The shelf has built-in lighting, which illuminates the worktop and adds ambiance.

The countertop extends to form a small breakfast bar on one side, and there are two contemporary stools with dark frames and wooden seats, matching the overall design theme.

The Fanum kitchen design is modern and stylish, blending industrial elements with natural textures to create a functional and inviting space.

As for any Rossini Cucine product, the Fanum kitchen is customizable in hundreds of finishes, add-ons, and color combinations and also on the client’s designer palette.


The Forum kitchen showcases a bright and airy modern design, combining natural wood elements and crisp white surfaces that create a clean and inviting space.

The central island is a standout feature with a white base and a large wood countertop that extends out to form an informal dining or prep area. The island includes a built-in cooktop and plenty of storage with flat-panel cabinets, maintaining the sleek lines of modern design.

A row of tall cabinetry in a natural wood finish on the wall provides a warm contrast to the white elements. This wall unit likely houses various integrated appliances set into the wood paneling at a convenient height for a seamless look.

Above the island, there are chic, cone-shaped pendant lights that add a touch of elegance and provide focused lighting over the work area.

The Forum Kitchen design is characterized by its minimalist aesthetic, functional layout, and harmonious balance of wood and white elements, resulting in a contemporary and welcoming space.

As for any Rossini Cucine product, the Forum kitchen is customizable in hundreds of finishes, add-ons, and color combinations and also on the client’s designer palette.


The Gallica kitchen presents a modern, luxurious design characterized by clean lines, high-end finishes, and a neutral color palette emphasizing simplicity and elegance.

The Gallica kitchen features a large central island with a white finish, starkly contrasting the warm wood tones surrounding it. The island has a flush-mounted cooktop and a contemporary sink with a designer faucet, emphasizing aesthetics and functionality. The white countertop material matches the island’s base and extends slightly over the edge to create a casual seating or serving area.

The perimeter cabinetry along the walls is a mix of the same warm wood finish and off-white panels, lending a sophisticated and cohesive look. These cabinets have touch-latch mechanisms and discreetly integrated handles to maintain a streamlined appearance. 

The backsplash area is illuminated by under-cabinet lighting, highlighting the kitchen’s cleaning lines and providing task lighting. 

The Gallica kitchen design is an understated luxury, with careful attention to detail and an emphasis on functional living space.

As for any Rossini Cucine product, the Gallica kitchen is customizable in hundreds of finishes, add-ons, and color combinations and also on the client’s designer palette.


The Pisaurum kitchen has a clean design, complemented by elegant marble accents and modern appliances.

The white cabinetry has a sleek, handleless design, contributing to the kitchen’s streamlined and uncluttered aesthetic. The upper cabinets have under-cabinet lighting, providing illumination and a stylish ambiance. The backsplash is adorned with a marble pattern, adding a touch of luxury and visual interest to the space.

Below the cabinets, there’s a dark granite countertop that contrasts with the white cabinetry, grounding the lightness of the space with its rich, earthy tones. The Pisaurum kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances, including a built-in oven, a microwave, and a modern cooktop, reflecting the contemporary functionality of the space.

The Pisaurum kitchen design combines functionality with elegance, featuring a neutral palette that feels welcoming and sophisticated.

As for any Rossini Cucine product, the Pisaurum kitchen is customizable in hundreds of finishes, add-ons, and color combinations and also on the client’s designer palette.


The Urbino kitchen features a classic design with a sophisticated and timeless appeal. It has a cohesive color scheme predominantly in shades of white and gray, creating a serene and welcoming environment.

The cabinetry is traditional, with panel-fronted doors and drawers finished in a soft white. Elegant metal handles adorn the cabinetry, adding a touch of refinement to the design. The upper cabinets reach the ceiling, maximizing storage space, and are fitted with crown molding at the top, enhancing the classic look.

The backsplash and wall space are covered with marble with soft gray veining, providing a luxurious backdrop and adding depth to the space.

The countertops are made of durable quartz, with a subtle gray tone that complements the cabinetry and the backsplash. Modern appliances are built into the cabinetry, offering convenience without disrupting the kitchen’s aesthetic.

The Urbino kitchen design is functional and stylish, with attention to detail that creates a harmonious and inviting space.

As for any Rossini Cucine product, the Urbino kitchen is customizable in hundreds of finishes, add-ons, and color combinations and also on the client’s designer palette.