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Rossini Cucine: Your Premier Partner for Contract Furnishing

Discover Rossini Cucine
Bespoke Italian design for residential projects, blending innovation with tradition for over 20 years.

A Legacy of Design Excellence and Adaptability

At Rossini Cucine, we stand as your ideal collaborator in the design, management, and furnishing of residential spaces. Our rich history of over three decades, combined with extensive knowledge and a portfolio of hundreds of global residential projects, sets us apart. Our specialized Contract Division, staffed by seasoned experts, oversees this B2B channel, ensuring projects are delivered with exceptional quality, coordinated seamlessly across stages, and upheld by unparalleled service standards.

Commitment to Timely, Sustainable Solutions

Our goal for every project is to deliver a comprehensive, turn-key solution that adheres to both schedules and environmental sustainability standards. Tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our clients, we offer a variety of options to suit every project’s unique requirements.

A Synthesis of Quality and Innovation

Our commitment to verified protection, accountability, and innovative spirit underpins every kitchen we create. Crafted in Italy, each Rossini Cucine embodies decades of expertise, advanced research, skilled industrial craftsmanship, and a dedication to eco-friendly practices. Our manufacturing process, bespoke for each order, allows for unparalleled customization, ensuring that high standards of production and individual preference coalesce seamlessly.

Customization at Its Core

Our ability to offer truly custom-made solutions is powered by the highly skilled artisans in our dedicated workshop. Located at the heart of our facility, this workshop is where our commitment to client-driven manufacturing processes comes to life, allowing for unparalleled customization in every project.

Design Freedom and Diversity

Rossini Cucine champions custom design and solutions tailored to our client’s unique styles and needs. Our modern design studio offers interior designers a rich palette of furniture choices, style inspirations, and aesthetic approaches, enabling the creation of spaces that fulfill precise design aspirations. In rejecting the uniformity often imposed by globalization, we commit to embracing diversity and fostering innovation in design.

A Broad Spectrum of Choices

Rossini Cucine‘s diverse collections cater to various design tastes and budgetary considerations. From iconic kitchens born of collaborations with top designers to models designed for multiple financial scenarios, our selection’s depth and breadth support bespoke designs that meet specific budget and design needs. This versatility extends to doors and finishes, which can be customized for any non-standard component, ensuring that every project requirement is precisely met.

Contact Our Contract Division.

For project managers, architects, or developers working on multi-unit projects, Rossini Cucine extends an invitation to connect with Roberto Ferrari, President of our Contract Division.

Benefit from our expertise in project streamlining, budget engineering, global turn-key services, and dedicated after-sales support.

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